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Humanity On our Planet

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I think if that globally, large amounts of restrictions have to be made on the active population growth of humanity. In some cases drastic changes in what we define comfortable human compassion, created through our actions.

To save this world in the long run:
– 1 child globally per family. (which will decrease the population by one each generation)
– Sickly or Deformed children should be given a comfortable passing.
– Welfare, ODSP and People that are living in areas that are not livable should NOT be given assistance. If you can not work you are not worthy of existing, even animals have to work to get good. They are just creating unnecessary waste.
– Euthanasia should be legal for the elderly or direly ill.
– More money should be given to breaking down/recycling waste. (This money would not be hard to give once the government stops paying out to the Welfare, ODSP leeches.)
– More Forests need to be rebuilt.
– The Chinese need to be force to end there old medicine theory/practices. They are responsible for over 84% of extinctions and need to be strictly regulated. Only then MAY we in a few decades, be able to see the white tiger in the wild again.
– Children need to be taught in there schools from a very young age, how dire it is that they need to help in keeping the world around them going and growing in a healthy and balanced way.

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