I am Catherine a Canadian Graphic & UX Designer

I pride myself on providing creative solutions to some of the most unique or challenging design problems. I have a very adaptive approach to all my work, whether it be Web / Graphic Design, Animation or Illustration. I enjoy making my designs unique to the client that is practical and logical while still ensuring the client's image is upheld and delivered with the utmost reverence.

When approaching each new development, they must be handled innovative, ingenious, and inspiring. One can achieve exceptional design results with this recipe.

Photo of Catherine Lalonde

Software Knowledge

After Effects

Coding Knowledge


Web Design

Every website gives your business the essential communication tool in today's growing technological world. A website promotes a store, portfolio, personal or public blog, a business site and all of these are critical for being found to provide you with a window to future clients.

Therefore, it is vital to have your website look good! It must reflect your needs and what needs you can offer others. It must be an effective tool that is easy to use and presents you or your company professionally and elegantly. Before they choose you, it is the fastest way to break the ice with prospecting customers!

Print Design & Branding

When it comes to how your company presents itself, having consistent branding provides familiarity and trust. Are your stationeries, business cards, posters, annual reports, etc., describing you professionally? I excel at ensuring all of your marketing material work for you. After getting your target audience and what you would like to accomplish, I can take care of the products that will give you the desired marketing tools you need.

The unique company logo should communicate who and what you care about. It must be appealing and represent your company values. A recognizable image builds an image your potential consumers can learn to rely on.

I strive at building a solid look, form, feel and character for your brand that will work effectively across all forms of media. Ensuring that everyone knows and will remember who you are.


Need an idea placed into motion or interact with your viewer? Or maybe you need a tutorial presented in a video format. Either way, I am skilled in Animate, AfterEffect, Premiere and Audition to provide you with a video, movie clip or interactive flash content to fit your need.


Traditional or digital, this can range from a mural in your home, painting, portrait painting, digital design or wholly decorative and unique layout for print or web.