Agora, Humanity and Religion = Failure!

Agora a meeting place that was of high, but because of mindless religious idiots it moved into the word for “I shop,” or “I speak in public.” Because of the destruction of the primarie reason for the Agora; it was a place in where dealings were sorted and heard by others of land owners or members of wealth to a government leader to unsure a peaceful place/city.

I will admit, I strongly dislike a lot of aspects of humanity. I dislike how little can even read in this day and age. They are far to easily influenced and seem immune to the creation of personal thought. Mindless masses. Maybe zombies do exist just not in the way you think of them. Look at some battles; one man’s war or disagreements lead to a few words and the mass of zombie do the damage. lol How much knowledge and wealth have we lost to this stupidity. Hell going back to Agora and it’s history. We could have been at least thousand years more advanced if the christians never existed and basically destroyed science and philosophy in all the areas around egypt.

It is funny, because even in this day when we have the chance again to break a lot of bundries in science. We have to many humans. And the weight of importance on human life is immortal. The goverments hunger in search of the defective in the hopes of having a vastly intelligent crippled being that can do nothing but read. While the government does not support the regular people to better themselves with education. I know a few friends that need college and university. They have no kids and no family, and as a single unit saving up is a lengthy process. I think if our taxes did not go to feeding and housing the filth that do not try in life that the government could make tuition and educational costs lower.

I will find it ironic and hilarious if christians ignorance in the past, burning and destroying all that they did not care to understand will be the doom of the human race. I will laugh if our population becomes even more gross and we run out of time to solve the problem…(s).

I have disliked mindless humans, since I can remember. I see no merit in being part of them, only flaws and failure.

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